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One of Rhodes' beauty spots, the hillsides of Filerimos are home to cypresses and pines. Among the trees sits Moni Filerimou, its domed chapels decorated with the cross of the Knights and the coat of arms of Grand Master Pierre d'Aubusson. A place of worship for 2,000 years, layers of history and traditions can be seen, from Phoenician to Byzantine,

Prophet Elias

The mountain has a height of 700 meters and the monastery life of many centuries. The hotels Elafos (1931) and Elaphina (1932), is Tyrolean architecture. Next to them was the villa de Vekki (1938). The forest is the most beautiful of the island. The excursion there is fascinating and wonderful . Come to the prophet Elijah, archeology, nature and history of Rhodes expects you.

Butterflies valley

With the coming of the high summer temperatures, the moths start to leave their native areas and fly towards the gorge where, thanks to the propitious microclimate, they will survive during the arid summer months.

Seven Springs

Named after the springs that gush cool water in this beautiful place. The water comes through a creek in a tunnel and then a journeyman lake. In these waters lives gizani, a rare fish species present in all streams of Rhodes.

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There are huge numbers of beds for tourists throughout the Greek islands, so most of the season you can rely on turning up pretty much anywhere and finding a room - if not in a hotel, then in a private house or, more typically, a block of rooms. Only from late July to early September, and around Easter, the country's high season, are you likely to experience problems. At these times, if you don't have accommodation reserved well in advance, you'd be wise to keep well off the main tourist hotspots, turning up at each new place early in the day and taking whatever is available - you may be able to exchange it for something better later on.


After hours, always in time ! It's never early and it's never late. - A cascade of emotions, light colors and music, are waiting to be discovered. The stage for a show, full of surprises and alternatives. In the evening thousands of lights brighten up the night and indicate the party is about to begin.

For many of our readers, Rhodes is sun, sea, and beautiful beaches. For others Rhodes is mouth-watering, crunchy salad, olives and Feta. But Rhodes is also music, fun and dance. The nightlife of the island is most famous in Greece.

Wondering how you're going to fill your holiday evenings while you're here? Well its really up to you. Rhodes has about everything on offer to you, during your stay. From romantic evening strolls along the beach to evenings in one of the many party bars and clubs. When you are in Rhodes you'll probably get the impression the city never sleeps, for when sunset gives way to evening, you'll discover that Rhodes begins to live by night. To a great extent this is true, as no other island nearby offers so many alternatives.

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